Parenting Emerging Adults:  individuation and uncertainty

What’s on the other side of those teen years?  A new parenting challenge:  bearing witness to our emerging adult children navigate through the mists of uncertainty… as we and they learn to trust their unfolding process.

There’s no “what to expect” book for parenting emerging adults. And to make it more challenging, we may not have had healthy individuating modeled for us (ie: if you are the adult child of an emotionally immature parent).

But, there ARE tools we can lean into, so let’s take a look at how remothering moments can support us in surfing our own big feelings as we accompany our emerging adults with theirs.

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For those of us that come from a personal history that taught us that self-anything is indulgent (and, the dreaded s-word, selfish), remothering is a courageous act of self-love.

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Pen pals via balloon launches (remember those?)

Although Earth Day began in 1970, when I was in elementary school in the late 70’s and early 80’s, we hadn’t gotten the memo yet.  Naively unaware of the environmental impact, my 4th grade class sent off balloons in hopes of finding a pen pal. 

“Hi, I’m _____.  I’m in 4th grade.  Do you want to be pen pals?”.

How does that sweet memory relate to remothering? ….

Setting Boundaries That Stick

Ever wonder why boundaries can feel hard, even when it seems like we “should” know what to do or say?

If our minds still associate boundaries with selfishness or negativity, merely knowing what to say falls short.  In this in-depth conversation, I sit down with Juliane Taylor Shore (Jules) to dig into the neuroscience underlying our ability to set boundaries.