Your guide to a meaningful remothering day

Remothering Day is the first Sunday in May.  A celebration of self-connection. A day on the calendar that reminds us that we are always here for ourselves for the nurturance, belonging, wise council, protection, connection, respect, attunement, acceptance, love, and all of the other mother qualities that we naturally seek.

Remothering Day is a separate and distinct holiday from Mother’s Day because the remothering work is not meant to be (m)other-focused.  Remothering is about our relationship between “me & me”.   

The seemingly simple act of acknowledging that we are in a relationship with ourselves unlocks potential and possibility. ” ~Simona

5 ways to celebrate and honor remothering day

1. Write yourself a heart-felt thank you note
The note can be a few simple lines, or a detailed letter. Not sure what you want to say?  Here are some prompts to get the ideas flowing:  What are you grateful for?  What do you appreciate? In what ways have YOU had you?

5 ways to celebrate and honor remothering day

2. High-five yourself in the mirror
When we perform a gesture that holds meaning to us, we feel the words without even having to say them.  And, when we pair that gesture with our own face, we experience both giving and receiving that support.  For me, a high-five gesture says “heck yes!”, “I am with you”, “right on”; it’s positive and connected.  What does a high-five symbolize for you? 

(big thanks to my neurobiology teacher, Jules Taylor Shore, who taught me the high-five technique.  If you are curious to learn more about the basal ganglia and the science behind the high-five technique, you can find Jules at   

remother on

3. Quality time with presence
Picture the difference between having a conversation with someone that is looking at you as they are talking, vs looking at their phone and saying “I’m listening”.  Attentive presence has a distinct feeling tone.  Gifting ourselves that attentive presence (even if it’s only for 2-minutes), can support our system to feel valued and appreciated.  Quality time could be something as simple as placing both of your hands on your heart and saying to yourself “happy remothering day”. 

4. Creative Expression
In celebration of the day, carve out some time to create or experience art just for fun & self-connection (vs. performance for others).  For me that can mean dancing in my backyard or looking at art that moves me (for example:  Wilting by Britchida).  What does creative expression mean to you?

5. Check out the reMothering Masterclass
The reMothering Masterclass is an annual online event with talks for every step of the remothering journey.  Learn how to deepen your self-connection, break free from outdated programming, experience healthy boundaries (even with boundary-impaired others), and thrive forward with a powerful sense of alignment.

the remothering masterclass is a great way to celebrate remothering day

Pro Tip

Sometimes, depending on our personal histories, we can flip something that was meant to be self-loving into another way to earn our own enoughness.  If you notice yourself doing that, call yourself in with love.  Allow it to become your remothering moment.  The moment you say to yourself:

“aww, love… I completely understand why you started running that well-worn adaptation, but you don’t have to perform for my love.  I am here.  Loving you.  As you are.  And as you are becoming.”

~from you to you, (if you have to call yourself in for running an outdated thought-habit)

Wishing you a self-connected & meaningful remothering day!

from my heart to yours,

Posted by Simona Vivi H

Simona Vivi H, globally recognized remothering expert and transformational life coach, guides adult daughters to healthier boundaries, self-kindness, and the transformative remothering journey. Trade the 'don’t be selfish' conditioning for ease, clarity, and self-alignment. Connect at,, and on Instagram

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