Remothering (definition)

What is Remothering?

Remothering is the self-care practice of turning within to access the nurturance, belonging, wise counsel, acceptance, love, and other mother qualities we, as humans, naturally seek.

The Formal Definition of Remothering is

remothering (verb)
Remothering is the process and practice of updating patterns and rewiring with intention so we can turn within to access the mother qualities we seek

Remothering is

Remothering is a path of turning within to access the mother-qualities we naturally seek. Remothering is not a report card on the parenting we did or did not receive; though, our personal histories will inform our remothering journeys. Rather than being externally-focused, remothering is about our relationship between me and me.

remothering is the work we do to deepen self-connection so we can thrive forward in self-alignment

As we travel our remothering journeys, some of the treasures we may find include:

  • Deeper self-connection
  • Relief
  • Quieter mind (less mental chatter)
  • Self-kinder mind (less hijacked thoughts)
  • Healthier boundaries (even with boundary-impaired others)
  • Greater self-alignment
  • Clarity

Remothering is a process because there are steps we can take to develop our ability to turn within to access the mother-qualities we seek. Learning about the process often opens the door to breakthroughs and change.

It is also a practice. Just like we had to tie our shoes many times before that pattern moved into our muscle memory, lasting transformation happens when we automate our patterns with repetition. It’s also a practice because we keep returning to the work again and again as we reach different milestones and phases in our lives.

The Remothering Journey

Navigating the space between what once was and will be is hard, but worth it. Our brains are calorically expensive, which means our natural human behavior is to continue in the patterns we know. Breaking free from outdated patterns and rewiring with intention is a journey. But you already have within you to thrive forward. What we offer here are maps, guides, and support for the journey.

originally posted September 21, 2021
revised April 8, 2023

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