When is Remothering Day 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027

Remothering day is the 1st Sunday in May each year. Below are the remothering day dates for 2024 – 2027.

remothering day is the first Sunday in May


Dates for Remothering Day from 2024 – 2027


Remothering Day 2024
Date:  May 5, 2024
Day of week: Sunday


Remothering Day 2025
Date:  May 4, 2025
Day of week: Sunday


Remothering Day 2026
Date:  May 3, 2026
Day of week: Sunday


Remothering Day 2027
Date:  May 2, 2027
Day of week: Sunday


About Remothering Day

Remothering Day is a day on the calendar to celebrate and honor our relationship with ourselves. It reminds us that now that we are adults, we get to be here for ourselves for the nurturance, belonging, wise council, and all of the other mother qualities that we humans naturally seek. 

For more about remothering day, check out 5 ways to celebrate and honor remothering day.


Celebrating Remothering Day

In celebration of remothering day, reMothering.org hosts free online events for the reMothering Community.  In 2024, we’ll be marking the day by kicking off the reMothering Masterclass, an annual online event with talks for every step of the remothering roadmap. If you don’t want to wait for remothering day, you can check out our On-Demand Remothering Programs by clicking here.

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